The Prefect (Revelation Space) [Alastair Reynolds] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Critically-acclaimed author Alastair Reynolds creates. With his latest novel Alastair Reynolds has, not for the first time, produced a For me, at least, The Prefect was a make-or-break book and. The seventh novel set in Reynolds’s Revelation Space milieu (most recently encountered in his collection Galactic North) is a fascinating.

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Also of interest is the role of the security force in such a complex living environment. This creates a varied yet strong team who deserve to be written about more.

The Prefect (Prefect Dreyfus Emergency, #1) by Alastair Reynolds

The Prefect is for people who are already fans of this universe. The ultra-secret Panoply unit, Firebrand, was established to research it. Given this it reynolde perhaps an unwise structural choice to start the novel from Ng’s weaker viewpoint and then to alternate chapters between her and Dreyfus. A student monitor or officer, especially in a private school. So, I can say that this novel has a protagonist who is complicated, performs a difficult and unwelcome job Prefects are essentially a police force, but with a very limited mandateand has unexpected qualities versus the average Prefect that generate loyalty and trust in several key characters.

alastir Each individual habitat can function as a state with its own laws and political philosophy, but the Panoply is there to ensure everyone remains a citizen of the Glitter Band as well. He’s done this in the previous books too, although Chasm City stayed pretty good until the last 20 pages.


I don’t know what to expect next, and don’t even know if he’ll be remaining within the same universe as these other 5 books that I’ve devoured, but I’m in full-enjoyment mode, now.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. Jun 25, Lyn rated it really liked it. She meets with Dreyfus and tells him that she and the preect Conjoiners had been enslaved by Aurora now prefech extremely powerful software entity to use the Exordium to predict the future.

The Prefect

But then again, who am I to judge? I loved this book and recommend it highly.

Well-paced and all storylines come together nicely in the end. By the time of the main trilogy Revelation SpaceRedemption Arkand Absolution Gapthe Glitter Band of 10, orbitals has already been destroyed by the corrosive Melding Plague, so we see only its wrecked aftermath.

I have only minor criticisms plot-wise. However, to get the most out of it I would recommend that you at least read the original Revelation Space novel first to familiarize yourself with the setting. That imagery has been done before, and Reynolds himself seemed bored with it, as he switched away from Thalia’s perspective after he set each of those habitats up and didn’t return to her until she was done dealing with them.

Not once has he let me down, and The Prefect was a nice way to finish it up for me. I was wondering how the trilogy would hold up in comparison to a kind-of prequel, and was delighted to see a greater exploration of Predect in the hey-day of humanity’s triumph.

Rehnolds havent read many books by this author but I always tell myself I should. The omens for this book were always mixed: There is no way for any author to maintain a feverish intensity for the entire last two-thirds.


Solid but I’ve read better scifi. Also, in general, this book was about times better than Chasm City.

The variety of worlds that were on offer perhaps indicate the direction of democracy. The two British authors have similar ideas: I found myself wishing that our heroes could change the fate of the world as if things were not destined to be.

For a completely standalone Reynolds book not connected to any other books, the awe-inspiring House of Suns is the best option and remains my favourite work of his. Dec 15, Casey rated it really liked it Shelves: I am frankly surprised at how much I enjoyed this, because I instantly disliked the prose style. So hooray for [Author]! The Hte predict a orefect devastated by what is implied to be the Melding Plague, and Aurora has been planning to respond to stop it use of the Exordium creates a new timeline which can be changed to avoid the future the Exordium describes.

He and Sparver then analyse communication records from the Ruskin-Sartorious habitat, and discover links with an orbiting asteroid owned by the Nerval-Lermontov family a member of which was called Aurora. Alastair Reynolds may lack the flair of those writers, but in The Prefect he lined up in the power-I, shifted the tight end, pulled the guard, and executed a perfect play.