ASHWAMEDHA YAGNA Written by Sulaiman Razvi Ashvamedha Yajna is a ritual performed by Queens (particularly by chief queen) for fertility. Recently I have started reading the Ramayana and I came across the concept of ‘ Ashwamedha Yagna/ Horse Sacrifice’ that King Dasharath is. The reason for why Lord Rama performed an Ashwamedha Yajna can be found in Valmiki Ramayana-UTTARA KANDA-Saraga 96 to Sarga (or Saraga

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In such a sacrifice all the royal families meet with ruin. And finally all his effort bore fruit.

With the twins out of the house for the day, suddenly, I was revisited by snapshots of my life in the last ten years. The king was thrilled to hear the news of it. zshwamedha

Rama sat on his throne, with tears in his eyes, as did his other brothers and their wives. I had found my passion in my children and plants.

They have learnt that you are pure as the Ganges and of impeccable morality. Would he ashwamsdha quoted as the precedent for abandoning a wife anytime anything went wrong? It was believed that the sun rises from the primal waters which surrounded the earth.

And having celebrated the same sacrifice, Soma, conversant with piety, established eternal fame in the three worlds.

He chose to keep his promise he made to his wife.

Even in the fabricated verse, it should be retaudheya and not retaudha for the sentence to be grammatically correct. The effect of yagya is psycho-somatic. The 7th Kanda of the Tattiriya Samhita talks of it. An Ashwamedha coin of Kumaraguptawho performed the sacrifice in 5th century CE.

Steps for organizing Bhagavatam katha. After dinner, when we were sitting down for our usual story time, I told them that I had met Valmikiji and he had narrated the entire event to me. Bhagavatam katha for children. If ashwakedha other kings did not fight the army following the horse, they are deemed to have accepted the rule of Rama and would be aligned to him.



While others such has Manohar L. Soon the religious rituals were duly performed. They were offered rice, different kinds of cuisines, sugarcane juice and milk. He had to demonstrate to his people that he is not above law and that Dharma applies to him as a king. The maha yagyas used to be performed to purify the social life. Ramayana tells us that queen Kaushalya the mother of Hindu god Ram had spent a night with the horse.

In fact apart from stress and tension, more and more unknown diseases, untold anxiety and fear are caused by the highly polluted environment and ecological imbalances. They hung their heads and looked downcast.

Ashvamedha Yajna The Obscene Ritual

The children walked in. The real meaning here is that by performing Ashwamedha yajna, one can get the blessings written as chariots of the heavenly King, Indra.

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Yogesh Borad 1, 1 2 Gardening and tending to plants was like a balm to my tortured mind. And then the king asked his sons to find a most befitting horse for the Yagna and take it around the country. In the ashram, most of the people were happy with the work.

The house felt empty. The king took great care about the logistics of accommodating the invited royalties. After this, the principal wife of the host pulls penis of the horse and puts it in her vagina and says: The wandering horse is attended by a hundred young men, sons of princes or high court officials, charged with guarding the horse from all dangers and inconvenience. What I mean by mentioning all this is that there were many good things in the ancient times, but there were bad things too.

Why did Lord Rama perform an Ashwamedha Yajna? – Hinduism Stack Exchange

It is assumed that yagba regions where the horse set its foot accepted the supremacy of the king who sent it. Views Read View source View history. I was stunned but proud. Queen Kausalya desiring the results of ritual disconcertedly resided asnwamedha night with that horse that flew away like a bird.


They donated lot of things which would be needed during the Yagna and the building of the temple. Would he take them or would he reject them?

Did I ask him for proof of his chastity? But when it comes to respect for women, there are new laws being enacted every day. Records of his son and yagma [21].

King Sagar performing Ashwamedha Yagna – an ancient a horse ritual of gaining power

While we agree that the moral character of the king should be above reproach, we also believe that kingship is about meting out justice not pandering to the wishes and opinions of the subjects. What happened to the promises that you made me — that you would be with me forever, you would be my friend and partner in every situation? The horse is then set loose towards the North-East, to yagnw around wherever it chooses, for the period of one year or half a year, according to some commentators.

Stories about glories of holy name. Stories about Krishna in Dvaraka lila. Should I also let their father know that adhwamedha has two potential successors for his throne?

It is the miracle performed by the human genius Medha to form the society and the methods of its governance, and to transform this earth into such an elegant and well-developed structure of culture and civilization. Rama would do the initial puja and release a sacrificial horse, which roams in the entire kingdom and the neighboring kingdoms.