The third deligtfully undead novel in New York Times bestselling author Michele Bardsley’s Broken Heart series. Not just anyone can visit Broken Heart. Because Your Vampire Said So (Broken Heart, Oklahoma / Broken Heart Vampires, book 3) by Michele Bardsley – book cover, description, publication history. Because Your Vampire Said So is the third part in the light hearted Broken Heart vampire romance series by Michele Bardsley.

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Life may not be what it used to, but it’s not all bad — at least it wouldn’t be, if she could just rein in her son. Once that image gets into your head, it is impossible to get it out, and as a villain, Koschei loses all his street cred. She’s lonely and never has felt she was good enough. C- Sensuality Hot Book Type: Before Patsy knows it she is being targeted by that ancient vampire and her savior comes in the form of a shapeshifter named Mihele.

Because Your Vampire Said So

There’s no need for a boring old short story. Watch book trailers, mixhele interviews, vampire movie and TV show information and trailers. But Patsy thinks there’s more to him than meets saidd eye and if she’s right, he may be the only thing that can save her and the rest of Broken Heart. It didn’t fit for me at all.

And no one had better mess with my own flesh and blood… Full Synopsis.

She binds with him and truly loves him. Perfect for reading on my floaty in the pool at the very least. You see what I mean? She can throw fire-balls, talk to ghost and banish demons, but no “it’s a fluke i’m only a hairdresser”. What did I think of the book? And even though most of my customers skipped town, I still manage to keep my hair salon up-and-running, thanks to the lycanthropes prowling around. Patsy is probably just as funny as Jessica in the first book, and we get to see Jessica some more in this book.


As if adding on that she’s a single mother! I have to say this was not my favorite series after book four. Patsy is having some trouble. And truth be told, I’m tired of the single parents rushing to get some nooky while their kids are in danger.

They fight off evil vampires known as Wraiths, nearly die er, againand fall madly in love. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Patsy has a not so good relationship with her teenage son who is apparently turning out like her ex-husband, a druggy and she The Broken Heart Vampire Series is a quick, fun-filled read and this is a series you just cannot pass up.

Write your own comment on this book! Yes, a whole lot of wanting people dead going on. I did not enjoy this one as much as the previous books. I still like the series generally, though, so I’ll give at least one more book a shot to see if it gets better. Broken Heart is just like other small towns. Her primary concern is her son Wilson – typical jerk son who smoked pot and has a grudge the size of a house on his shoulders.

I also adored seeing the characters that we have come to love and the continuation of the storyline of Broken Heart, OK. Thank goodness I didn’t waste any money or bookshelf space on this one!!

Because Your Vampire Said So by Michele Bardsley – FictionDB

Fun vampife I really am enjoying this series. Again the narrator is one of the eleven single parents bedause at the start of book one by an ancient vampire crazed with vampire sickness, the Taint.


I think it would be easy to go overboard with that – so I am miche,e that it’s handled well and that – as a person with no children in her life – it doesn’t alienate me and turn me off the series. Now, if only I could put a leash on my wild teenage son. The story moved way too quickly, there were like no transitions. Bardsley has done it again, with yet another great read in the Broken Heart, OK series! He’s up to his neck in danger.

This series of vampire becauae are hilarious. If your teenager wants to become a vamp, do you let them? I don’t know, but the result was bad. Carolyn Esau Review Date: I continued to give it a whirl since that was the premise of the book club-light reading.

Reviewed by Sheila Graves Posted April 14, Suddenly all of that seems so simple by comparison when she finds herself targeted by demons and ancient What is the book about?

The others had Lorcan’s stories; this one had Ruadan’s. The Broken Heart series focuses on the Paranormals in the city. National bestselling author Michele Bardsley lives in Texas with her son and their numerous pets.

Even though there was all the pretence about “Are you sure you don’t just love me because we’re prophesised to be together blah blah.