Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Il birraio di Preston (Le brasseur de Preston) est un melodramma giocoso en trois actes, musique de Luigi Ricci, livret de Francesco Guidi. L’opéra a été créé à Florence au Teatro della Pergola le 4 février L’écrivain Andrea Camilleri a publié en un roman portant le même titre. Poliphony in Andrea Camilleri’s Il birraio di Preston. Academic Article uri icon. Overview; Additional Document Info; View All. scroll to property group menus.

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With a sinking feeling, I discovered that the language is going to shock many club members to whom it will seem very vulgar. The logical flow of a story calms the brain, but this fractured tale causes reader to feel presron at times.

I love the book in some ways: Unfortunately, the unpopular prefect insists that the opening production be the opera that shares its name with the book. A non-Italian reader, in my instance Englishman is blessed to be in the capable skills of translator, Stephen Sartarelli, who leads one with academic trustworthiness and delicately through the i and meanings of the original text.

Il birraio di Preston – Andrea Camilleri – Google Books

Camilleri jumps about in time, something that often drives me buggy as a reader, but here it works well, giving us many points of view and insights into the final–well, I don’t want to spoil the story for you. Camilleri is best known for his Commisario Montalbano series, but relatively recently, inspired, he says, by the publication of the Report on the Social and Economic Conditions of Sicilyhe has written two novels, Hunting Season and The Brewer of Prestonboth set in this time period.

There are literary references to each chapter heading to be found in the back, this first chapter “it was a frightful night. Here they have all their characteristics lovingly exposed in this historical saga based on true events. For those not familiar with Italian history, Sicily had joined the newly-formed Monarchy of Italy injust 11 years before the events of the novel, and there were plenty of people dissatisfied with the replacement of one monarchy that of the Bourbons with another, the House of Savoy based in the Piedmont of Northern Italy.

I had never read one of his novels other than the Inspector Montalban mysteries and this novel was a delightful surprise. Readers read, readers put the puzzles back together, readers need to think. Camilleri has a marvelous comic sense and a very keen sense of character both of which he uses to great effect while writing a novel that is, in reality, quite a commentary on the social and political conditions of late 19th century Sicily.


I imagine there will be others like myself who are at first frustrated by the layout of the book but if you can stick with the story i believe it is worth it in the end. Jun 06, arcobaleno rated it liked it Shelves: A difficult read at first, please persevere to become immersed in this masterpiece. This is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a while, with several laugh out loud scenes, and plenty of social and political satire.

Qual era, in Sicilia, la proporzione delle cose che succedevano per scangio rispetto a quelle che invece accadevano senza scambio di persone o cose? Per non incorrere nello stesso mio errore di prima valutazione, consiglio di cominciare a leggere I ordered the book and the club members all checked it out at the end of the last meeting. To say that Sicilians are a race apart is putting it mildly.

There are different “chapters” so to speak but these chapters do not need to go by sequence as suggested by the author.

Il birraio di Preston

Credo che forse Camilleri lo faccia per poter rivedere la storia da vari punti di vista, aggiungendo umore adatto per diversi personaggi che comunque ‘vivono’ la stessa esperienza. Quotes from Il birraio di Pre It’s and the little Sicilian city of Vigata has a new theater. The setting Vigate rpeston the s, and the proposed production of a play – the Brewer of Preston – at the local theatre by the Prefect of Vigata – an event which the townsfolk intend will never happen.

In particular one sexual act which is, I’m pretty sure, still illegal in the state of Utah even if the participants are married. Preview — Il birraio di Preston by Andrea Camilleri.

Biraio you’re into Italian Literature, you can read the rest of this review elsewhere. The chapters are arranged haphazardly, and Camilleri helpfully suggests in the final chapter “Chapter I” that the reader should feel free to rearrange them according to taste.

Set a century before Commissario Montalbano graces its fictitious streets, this kl of civic uprising in Vigata is a very cleverly constructed farce of misrule, set off against the debut of Vigata’s new operahouse. I’ve lived in Sicily now for over a year, and that has been enough time to give me a sense of just how well Camilleri has captured the sense of Sicily.


Some people, thoug I love the book in some ways: Il libro racconta del teatro di Vigata, quest’opera, e tanti, tanti personaggi. Tonight the club meets to discuss this book, and I am filled with dread. Prwston it is, camilledi and personal forces combine and clash to create major problems in Vigata, leading to several unnecessary deaths.

Trivia About Il birraio di Pre Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to birrako. The Prefect of Montelusa, the foppish Florentine Eugenio Bortuzzi, wants the debut to be a performance of the apparently mediocre opera “the Brewer of Preston”, operating on the misapprehension that he first laid eyes on his wife at a performance of said opera many years before.

Ci sono libri che vanno letti solo quando arriva il loro momento; probabilmente se avessi letto Il birraio di Preston prima di Un mese con Montalbano sarei impazzita: In any event, I highly recommend this book.

In addition, The Brewer of Preston is based on a real incident that took place around this time in Caltanissetta, a town not far away from Agrigento and Porto d’Empedocle, the sites of Camilleri’s fictional towns of Montelusa and Vigata, respectively. Set in s Sicily, the outsider governor is determined to inaugurate Vigata’s new opera house with a bad opera, and the locals are just as determined to disrupt the performance, if not prevent it entirely.

An opera for the ages? Just love this book. This book thoroughly confused me at first as the chapters are not in chronological order and skip around between characters as well so I had a hard time establishing the timeline of the story and keeping the characters strait camiloeri first.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What have I done? I love how Camilleri uses lines from different arias, literature and etc. Mazzini strongly promoted a republic rather than a monarchy, and he still had plenty of followers at this time. One of the responsibilities in my job at the library is to help out the book club that meets once a month. If one can laugh at ribald language, have at it.

The series is written in Italian but with a substantial sprinkling of Sicilian phrases and grammar. Il birraio di Preston by Andrea Camilleri. Open Preview See a Problem?