Escribir, Leer y Aprender en La Universidad – Paula Carlino-subry2 – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Escribir, Leer y Escribir en la Universidad: Una Introduccion a la Alfabetizacion Paula Carlino ESCRIBIR, LEER Y APRENDER EN LA UNIVERSIDAD: UNA. Escribir, leer y aprender en la universidad: Una introduccion a la alfabetizacion academica (Spanish) Paperback – Import, 31 Dec by Paula Carlino.

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Altogether, these studies support the idea that talking to prepare for subsequent readings and reading to talk allow students and professors to externalize their thoughts, making explicit some of the cognitive activities involved in reading epistemically. These questions arose as a central issue in an exploratory study regarding how future high school Social Sciences teachers read and caglino notes to learn subject matter and why they do it in certain ways.

When I observed the class, sometimes many students, or sometimes only a few, or no one was taking notes. A depth of processing alternative. The fact that the professor gave a clear reading purpose made it easier for students to focus on what they had to pay attention to and understand. A high wn teachers’ use of writing and talking to learn, Writing How did you know that what she said was the only possible interpretation?

Interactions of Writing and Classroom Discourse. Discussion The previous analysis depicts two situations depending on whether laa was encouraged through reading and talking about texts in the classroom.


Farris, Christine y Smith, Raymond Research in the Teaching of English, 18, Rearticulating articulation”, en D. Second, Julia read aloud documents that the students did not have in their dossier. We only have until page 29 [in the dossier].

Cultural and epistemological issues, Amsterdam: Eternal return or constant permanence?

La Alfabetizacion Academica en la formacion Universitaria by Maya Barreto on Prezi

In one course, the professor assumed that students should read texts on their own prerogative. According to the author, a dialogical style of teaching and a monological one can be conceived as two extremes of a continuum. Following this second conceptualization of reading and writing, these studies scrutinize the univegsidad in which reading and writing to learn can be integrated as educational activities in non-linguistic subjects in Secondary and higher education coupled with exploring the effects and challenges of such enterprise.

Not in our dossier. It is important to distinguish this. Moreover, reading and discussing in pairs set students in an active and collaborative position in front of the disciplinary texts.

Yet, according to both students, during the rest of the year they did not read the bibliography either. Such conceptualizations usually lead to the idea that these skills can be later transferred to any activity and context. Paula CarlinoDoctor in Psychology by the Autonomous University of Leeer will be the lecturer who will analyse the methods used in different subjects for assimilating didactic knowledges and will question their transparency as tools for learning, objects for teaching and research problems.

First, we interviewed both professors. As well, this study provides a thick description of the two ways in which professors deal with literacy tasks in their courses, as proposed by Carlino, Iglesia and Laxalt The relationship between school preparation and workplace actuality.


Is it more or less clear? Did it give you tools to identify that? White, Peter Robert Then, no matter what, you have to be able to get what she is talking about, the main ideas, which are going to help you to study.

Escribir, Leer y Escribir en la Universidad : Una Introduccion a la Alfabetizacion Academica

Lectura y Vida, 23 3 Sebastian has been reading, sitting in his desk. Reading Research Quarterly, 17 3 Almost all students have underlined or highlighted the readings on their desks. How do they relate these spontaneous writings to the bibliography they have to read? Making social meanings in contexts. Uso de cookies Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia apfender usuario. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.

La expresión de opinión en textos académicos escritos por estudiantes universitarios

A discourse or a fact? Developing socially just subject-matter instruction: The effects of writing on learning from expository text. The whole class discussions thing that we did between an author and another one. Pereira, Cecilia y Di Stefano, Mariana Click here to sign up.