We are told that sex and love are part of the same instinct; I disagree. Love is a pleasant sensation of comfort we feel when we’re close to a special person. LIVRO EM DESTAQUE. DR. FLÁVIO NO YOUTUBE. Assine o FEED do canal do Dr. Flávio no Youtube e mantenha-se atualizado conforme novos vídeos são. As for his theoretic work, in he presented studies about sex therapy; his first and critically acclaimed book, published in , was about sex, love, and.

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At first, this made no sense to me, because after all, falling in love was the innermost desire of so many people. Very few couples live well together and have a relationship conducive to emotional and intellectual growth. While still in-utero, our brain develops in an environment filled with comfort, peace and harmony. People gikovwte beginning to understand flavlo they even if they feel like a fraction of a person, they are whole — just like their partner, who is not a knight in shining armor or a savior, but a travel companion.

Love is my subject for this piece, and in this case, people are even less disposed to see its uglier side.

SinceI have been trying to understand the components that determine how romantic partners are chosen. They now associate harmony with a disaster that will destroy their happiness; after all, their uterine peace was destroyed, and they still fear that similar feelings will have a similar ending. December is a month livgos the others. And this is not an easy thing to do, especially when truth makes us feel powerless and vulnerable.

However, this pursuit of clarity has caused his content, on occasion, to be dismissed as simplistic.

Its rights have been sold to Spanish speaking countries, as well to the Middle East. Why do we fall in love libros a specific person? We are told that sex and love are part of the same instinct; I disagree. We get involved with someone else because we feel incomplete. They make a lot of noise, shout, are dramatic and even threaten violence.


fear | Dr. Flávio Gikovate

Based on his believe that sex and love are two autonomous and often antagonistic impulses, Gikovate points out the strong association between sexuality and aggressiveness especially in men.

Being strong means accepting, dealing with and assimilating all kinds of pain and setbacks that life inevitably brings.

But as for the really important stuff — health issues, the success or failure of their professional endeavors, studies or investments, natural tragedies such as floods, landslides and earthquakes and the death of loved ones — well, none of us has power over these issues.

People lose perspective, their physical strength and their hope. After all, if we acknowledge that each brain is unique, and the way one person thinks is in not a frame of reference to understand others, we realize that we do not need to bend someone else to our standards.

This fear is sometimes associated with the pain we feel right after a breakup and, of course, losing the comfort that comes from a relationship, even a problematic one, is difficult. The one about male psychology and one about selfishness, and yet other about love and loneliness, are among his most popular books.

Instead of focusing so much on overweight people and their habits, we should pay attention to the way thinner people live. In this time of the year, this darkness is the most common. These days, with all the technology that allows people to be completely self-sufficient, they are losing their fear of being alone and learning to live better with themselves. I am always surprised when I hear people repeat, with utter conviction, well-known sentences that are regarded as truth, even though not much thought is given to them.

I noticed that people in love seemed to be unable to eat or sleep and became obsessed with their relationship, compulsively wondering what was going on with their beloved, and wanting to know, at every moment, if their partner still wanted to be with them. A french editor is also currently negotiating the rights.


Basically, whenever something very good happens, people feel threatened, as if all that good fortune increases the odds of a subsequent tragedy. It creates a kind of conditioned response, so that when people achieve a sort of harmony and well-being similar to what they had experienced in utero— and nothing feels more like that than the comfort and closeness that come from a good romantic relationship—they immediately feel threatened, as if waiting for tragedy to strike.

Everyone should be alone every once in a while to establish their internal dialogue and discover their personal strength. The first sign of strength in a human being is resignation in the face of our lack of control over some crucial matters in life.

When two people enjoy how the other acts, laughs and thinks, they connect fairly fast; in this regard, friendship is similar to love. However, a few observations might help us make fewer mistakes.

Books in english

At the same time, he shows flavjo desire and arousal are very different phenomena: Children experience a major developmental leap in their second year: But while human beings unarguably develop mechanisms that sabotage their own welfare, I disagree that these mechanisms come from a force that sends people in the direction of death. Many of us fear being alone, for reasons that gikovaye be somewhat inconsistent.

In solitude, people are able to realize that harmony and peace can only be found in themselves.