Go with the Gary Friedman book. Well worth the $25 (or so). It’s HUGE too. I printed it in color, double sided x11 and it takes a 3-inch binder. “Gary Friedman, that also is a member here (Sony Camera Group), I’ve just downloaded the a77/a65 book and can’t wait to start reading it. The excellent series of books for Sony Alphas has been updated to include the Sony A65 & A This is available as a download at the moment.

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A tutorial to get the benefits of shooting RAW. Sony products are as good as those from any other manufacturer and BETTER in many respects than the offerings from the big two. Also check out his video on Sony wireless flash. If you don’t think this book offers the clearest explanations, if you didn’t end up learning anything new, or it is not the single best value in terms of dollars-per-knowledge ratio, just send Friedmam and email and he’ll personally refund your purchase price.

It’s from a photographer that knows what he’s doing, for all levels of users. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Sony is NO different.

I have to admit, when I first started reading, I thought “Great; this is for newbies and technophobes”, but as I went on I see that you have skillfully addressed both newbies and experienced photographers.

Color night vision with the SiOnyx Aurora. Thanks for the link [http: By chapter five I’d have paid more for it. OK I’ve had the book for almost 3 weeks now. The amounts of insights, hints, tips and clues in every section covered every single question I had in my mind since I bought my camera and opened a whole new horizon for my photography.


Not sure I like the ebook approach, preferring a hard copy in my hands, but I’ll have to check out other alternatives first before going for an ebook. So easy to understand, accurate and FUN!

friedman aa77 book for an a Sony Alpha SLR/SLT A-mount Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Last A handbook I bought from another writer, that was well writen, was a colour book at less than his ebook price. I was one of the earliest proponents of wireless flash when Minolta introduced it to the world in the ‘s.

The Nikon Z6 may not offer the incredible resolution of its sibling, the Z7, but its 24MP resolution is more griedman enough for most people, and the money saved can buy a lot of glass. About 4 hours later, I realized that I was reading through every single page of the first 6 chapters. I realise frideman this doesn’t fully answer your question but hope it helps If you buy the PDF version you also get the kindle version which q65 can use on your iPhone with a downloadable kindle reader.

friedman a65-a77 book for an a57

Another Reason to Shoot 4K Quick! To do a piece of work like that you have to have the gift.

Like every new thing, there is a learning process to use it well. I will most definitely be recommending the book to all my friends. The amount of information, written in a manner I can really understand, has already made a difference to my photography! I shudder at the thought of friedmqn time I could have saved if I’d simply had your book a few months ago!


I hope this helps even a little! Glad you’re all enjoying the ebook! I will be sure to mention it highly on chat lines and other locations I frequent. I never knew that” moment. I’ve already made some settings tweaks, and have some new insights to work with. This update adds more lens profiles to the lens correction algorithms, and adds only one function to help guard against accidental movie taking, whose function is quite obvious.

If you want to get to know your camera I would recommend it. Minolta produced some of the finest cameras and lenses in the business. Try it risk-free for 2 weeks! Mainly I was interested in the differences and new features of the A, and how to take advantage of them.

Depending on what and where I swap with the Canon G I admire your writings tremendously for their easy-to-read conversational style. Also in this issue:. You make everything so utterly simple, friedmaan the form of your writing keeps one totally interested.