How do you write a truly gripping thriller about people staring into computer screens? Many have tried, none have succeeded—until now. Leave it to Deaver, the. The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author of The Skin Collector and The Bone Collector featuring popular. Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Jeffery Deaver, bestselling author of The Empty Chair and The Bone Collector, now turns to the labyrinthine world of.

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The thing that bowhere this book so scary is that you can actually see this happening. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Kathryn Dance Book 1.

This book gripped me from the start and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pocket Books June Length: View all 5 comments. Lautlos kommt der Tod.

It was one of those stories that kept you guessing, throwing out a lot of information that left you with notions in your mind of what was to come.

There was so much we got to watch unfold, so many elements to watch come together. Phate, the killer’s screen name, npwhere because he thinks of it as all a big MUD game, and ceaver track of the points he gets for each successful kill.

My second Jeffery Deaver read, Edge, was much more enjoyable. She was about to find the pay phone when she glanced up and saw a young man enter the bar and wave at her. I put this square on the shelf with other novels about hackers that do not exaggerate the craft.


That relationship is not quite as common these days, but back then, there was a lot of overlap in the two worlds. Sep 10, Kate rated it it was amazing.

He uses his program Trapdoor to enter any computer system he wishes to go into. Jeffery Deaver is best known in literary circles as a crime novelist. Excellent, edge of your seat read! Want to Read saving….

The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Books – Hachette Australia

Lincoln Rhyme Book 6. The Kathryn Dance Collection Other editions – View all The Blue Nowhere: The result was that i read this computer showdown thriller. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Will stepped outside and opened his umbrella. And my family portrait? Visit his website, www. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Deaver has written another winning tale that will send him to the top of the hard copy best-selling charts. The police know that he has crossed a boundary; he is using his skills now, not just for amusement, but to lure victims to their deaths.

With an obsession emblematic jeffwry hackers, Gillette fervently attempts to trace Phate’s insidious computer virus back to its source.

Having finally got round to reading it, I found myself really enjoying it. You didnt know that?

To ask other readers questions about Nlue Blue Nowhereplease sign up. It’s convenient to our 20th century lifestyle. She figured that it would be two minutes before one of these boys approached her and she missed that estimate by only ten seconds. The Californian police think deavfr was just any murderer that killed random targets, but soon realized that it was not a random murder with the average murderer behind it all.


I have read 3 and working on another one. Another of her urban protection rules: For the past decade, I have had this notion that there must be a Cybersecurity Canon: I’m not even sure if I’m going to finish reading it.

Blue Nowhere

View Full Version of PW. Jeffrey Deavers portrays these souls as addicts in the same vein as alcoholics. Steganographic means “hidden writing”and is the process of writing a secret message as part of an innocent one, say be using every jeffegy character, or altering specified bits of an image file.

I worked out some, but not all of the details, and I loved the way things came together with this one.

The Blue Nowhere Book Summary and Study Guide

Just another example of this author’s genius! Gillette zealously attempts to trace Phate’s insidious computer virus back to its source. A computer wizard is killing people in reality using the rules and point scoring of a computer game. Don’t take any offer from men in bars wanting to buy you a drink, a family man is a better companion than singles.