TP05GMP CLONEABLE GENERAL MOTORS JMA TRANSPONDER KEY BLANK (B97PT5 CLONEABLE). Our Price: $ BUY 5 AND SAVE 7%!. The incorporation of electronic devices known as transponders (Link to what a transponder is) into keys is widespread in almost all vehicles. JMA has a. JMA has a Department of Electronics focused specifically on transponder technology that positions our company as a leader in this field. Our authority in this.

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jma transponder key

We produce it by high-precision milling machine and the size is very precise. If you continue navigating, we consider you accept their usage.

transpinder General Are those transponders that on each occasion are “interrogated” by the security system immobilizer of the vehicle and they respond with the same code, but this code is covered or masked by a programme. Operates at these frequencies: Clamp for Ojmar laser keys for Xcode machine M4.

Jma Transponder Key, Jma Transponder Key Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Most of these keys are available in brass; however all of the automotive and the more popular numbers are also available in Nickel Plated finishing.

High end machine with top of the line features for cutting dimple keys, 2 and 4 track high security automotive keys and tubular keys. General Descargas Image zoom Semi-automatic key-cutting machine for single- and double-bladed bit keys, pump keys and special keys. Fixed code transponders always maintain the same code. Auxiliary hand support for cutting wave and tubular keys. The tracer point shaft is equipped with a spring system for smoother machining.


Sofer 4 sides clamp RU Equipped with a toolbox, light and electronic cutter-tracer point adjustment. The incorporation of electronic devices known as transponders Link to what a transponder is into keys is widespread in almost all vehicles.

JMA Products – JMA Uk.

This is the new solution for copying keys with the fixed code Texas transponder registered trademarka solution that will mark a milestone in the evolution of transponder technology. This electric contact also permits the automatic adjustment of the machine. Free software updates keep your machine up to date and cloning the latest technologies.

This sends the valid code to the ECU 4 that manages the injection of the engine and starts it. The X-Code, features maximum cutting flexibility, ease of operation when integrating new files and transpondder to update code database Interactive Key Software.

Every time there is an attempt to start the car, the computer will expect the new code. The TRS will read the information written on the original key and then write that information on the Cloneable Transponder creating an exact duplicate or clone of the original key.

For decades, JMA has worked hand in hand with original automotive and cylinder lock manufacturers transpondwr around the globe trqnsponder them with high quality key blanks for their products. This product line is designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the most demanding standards and requirements of the leading original lock and automotive manufacturers.

Our latest key machine release is the VIENNA semi-automatic key-cutting machine for cylinder, flat, cross and automotive keys. Wherever you are, or no matter your interest, we can do what you order. Its robust design, the new technologies incorporated and the latest generation materials used, make it a durable key cutting machine that will always maintain its key cutting precision. Programmable Transponders jmw Cloneable Transponders. Programmable Transpondershave a code or value previously configured at the factory.


Internationalization has been basic for JMA’s success. Both the key and the computer, use this algorythm to calculate a correct response.

This website uses our own cookies and those of third parties so you have a better experience as a user. The hard metal milling cutter lends a fine finishing and precision to the cut of the key. Single patented clamp to enable dimple keys, inclined dimples, tubular and Fichet keys to be cut without the need for another clamp. The Ecco Bit is very versatile thanks to its different optional carriages which enable you to copy Trasponder, Ford and wave type keys.

High end trxnsponder manufacturers started using Rolling Code Systems. General Image zoom Aluminum keys manufactured with a significantly lower specific weight than other keys, but with high mechanical torsion and abrasion resistance.

This is the first electronic duplicating machine that allows for either manual operation or automatic loading with the key tranpsonder system. General Image zoom Are those transponders that on each occasion are “interrogated” by the security system immobilizer of the vehicle and respond with a different code that evolves based on an evolution algorithm? By using a Transponder instead of an electronic battery operated circuit board we are able to produce a key that maintains the dimensions and visual appearence of the original key.