Australian L1A1 L2A1 manuals. This republication is the most comprehensive manual we have ever seen for any weapon. total pages stuffed full with. Nov 10, Does anyone have PDF’s or links to PDF files for the L1A1, L2A1, and Trilux SUIT manuals? All of the links i have found that have them are. Manual of the FAL L1A1. Copyright: Russian GP Grenade Launcher Uploaded by Harley-Davidson Manuals OEM Uploaded.

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Find More Posts by sass November 20, I can make PDF’s and upload them like Pluribus did if someone can show me how to. November 23, This seems like legit sticky fodder Find More Posts by Pluribus. I know it was his content, but how did you post it on here? The US almost adopted it, but went with the m14 instead. Colorado Springs CO Posts: It may manyal one of those manuals like the ones they put out for the AK in case soldiers come across one in combat and are forced to use it for whatever reason.


It’s not pdf, it’s a ashx file. Is that so hard to understand? Im having a hard time figuring out how to add this.

FAL and L1A1 Manuals

Mqnual are reproductions of course, if that’s a concern. L1A1 User Handbook If you select the three dots in the upper right corner of the OneDrive page you will get a download option for the pdf file. Can’t say about the electrons involved though.

November 15, Were it not for ignorance, thus we would remain.

Existing threads will be moved to marketplace. Originally Posted by Pluribus. Find More Posts by.

L1A1 – ARES Airsoft

Oh, I missed that. They got it and assigned a case number to it. Just thought I’d ask here before I stop being stingy and buy hard copies on ebay. November 17, Originally Posted by Douglas Wozny. Instructions on how to leave feedback ratings can be found HERE. So say the philosophers Carl von Clausewitz b d of war.



You can always manula it after your practice session. November 21, Not sure if it will bear fruit considering the world situation.

I guess I will just have to wait and see. The time now is The internet won’t mind at all.

Figured out that attachments aren’t possible, regrouped and shared the file. To make the record straight, what I posted was the link from ridgerunner