LEGO Super Car Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building . Set Number, Item No, BOID, Year Released, Instructions Pages, Instructions Booklets, 1. In 3 Wishlists. Super cool Boba Fett illustration courtesy of Mike Crowley (http://www. .com ยท Home | LEGO | TECHNIC | – Super Car | Instructions.

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I’ve been taking advantage of the flexibility of ABS here and there, but well below the level of causing permanent damage in any part.

Do as you wish with this info. Wanting to build it. I spent some time to build this amazing replica of a legendary in LDD, but it 8880 much long then I expected. You are a perfectionist, don’t forget that.

Sign In Sign Up. Attika, Could you supply insstructions of the EVO chassis? Posted July 11, edited. Posted December 13, Posted December 11, Is there any chance of instructions for this model coming soon?

Edited December 14, by musicmu. Interior – more or less finished.

I feel the need to inform you guys that Helge Mhyre remember him? I have started to work on it.


LEGO Super Car Set Instructions Viewer | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

Thank you, I’ll look after the problem. A reminiscence to the old days, the legendary in a modern way, evolved on a new level. Sorry for instrkctions you waiting.

Thanks a lot – this is instrucyions real supercar as in the good old days of lego where form follows function and not vice versa ;- BI looks very good And thanks for the effort.

Hope that it could 8880 somebody I haven’t necessary details so far to build it in a real life that could help with some questions and possible someone can continue it. I’ve been admiring this Attika “Tribute ” for a long time. It really is a proper BI as it should be. I have been waiting for the instructions to be built.

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Search – Building Instructions – service

Posted August 16, edited. But just not able. So, the file is here: It must have been time-consuming, thanks maniac and Attika for the effort you have put into this. Yeah, I really appreciate the hard work going on here and will definitely be building this.

It’s very close now. I’ll do it, but right now all my legos are in boxes. Posted December 14, edited. BI coming this evening. Here is a short summary of a current progress: Those are the reasons I took on this project to make the onstructions instructions. There is much in the chassis that is not visible from the pictures.


Here is the link for the building instructions: But I’ll try my best 88880 make an instruction before the first snow hits us this year.

Instructions for 8880-1 – Super Car

This LDD file is the icing on the cake!! There is an lxf file above somewhere made by fellow brickers, that’s slightly different from my original model as some connections couldn’t be done on the digital designer.

It is like a pregnancy at the last stage. Edited December 18, by maniac BOM correction. And the best thing about it: Maybe, he will help me with it. In fact I’m shaking in advance from what you will say. First snow, in the UK?

Register a new account. Already have an account? Posted December 12, She is doing a great job. If Lego would have created something like this, that would have been a worthy set for the 40th Technic-Anniversary.