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The hand is an organ that is involved in practically all our activities of daily living, thus presenting a variety of goniomertia, and to function perfectly it needs complete harmony between and among the various constituent tissues. Classification Group 1 0.

Reports from the literature affirm that measurements in the hand are conflicting, and are not always performed in clinical practice, hence we failed to find any parameters for the establishment of multiple comparisons. As confiabilidades interexaminadores foram moderada e excelente para a fleximetria e pobre e moderada para a goniometria. Wallace C, Klineberg IJ.

Reliability and concurrent validity of two instruments for measuring cervical range of motion: Table 4 ICC and standard deviation values for the intraexaminer angular measurements obtained for each group 1.

This being the case, it is suggested that new studies be developed in the area to confirm and discuss our results and to get to goniometira these methods better in these proposed angles. Intraexaminer reliability is defined as the consistency of measurements taken under the same evaluation conditions at two different times. Photogrammetry is a more accurate form nanual static evaluation.


Rome K, Cowieson F. The ICC allows us to evaluate to which extent the multiple measurements are in agreement. Note that there is still scarce literature on the association of photogrammetry and goniometry in hand measurements. Some studies opted for active ROMs, as they claim that these better represent function and are more reliable than passive movements; passive measurements are less reliable than active measurements, due to the variation of force applied by the therapist.

Table 6 Table 6 ICC and standard deviation values for the intraexaminer angular measurements obtained for each method 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in each group 1 scholars2 physiotherapists3 hand therapists and mean ICC of each method for each group.

A 4-year follow-up of pain-free preadolescents.

Reliability and validity evaluation methods depend on the purpose of the survey, hypotheses and methodologies, and may involve quantitative, as well as qualitative evaluations.

The participants were duly briefed on the study goals and signed the informed consent form expressing their agreement to take part in the survey, and received explanations about the procedures that would be required during the study.

D. Joyce White – Google Scholar Citations

The Corel Draw X3 software allows users to perform the digital definition of the straight lines that determine angular values in degrees. Table 13 Comparison between the methods 1 goniometrja2 Corel Draw photogrammetry3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 3 flexion of the metacarpophalangeal of the fifth finger for group 1 scholars.

There is a considerable error of goniometry when two or more examiners are assessed; hence it is advisable for the same therapist to monitor the measurements throughout the physiotherapeutic approach. This means that both the group of physiotherapy scholars, and the group of physiotherapists and hand therapists, as they were in full performance of their activities and practicing the method with standardization, presented reliable evaluation means. Services on Demand Journal. Reliability of the spin-T cervical goniometer in measuring cervical range df motion in an asymptomatic Indian population.


Analysis of the reliability and reproducibility of goniometry compared to hand photogrammetry

Support Center Support Center. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Comparison between the groups 1 scholars2 physiotherapists3 hand therapists in angle 1 palmar abduction of the thumb for method 1 goniometry. Medida do movimento articular: Recalibration improves inter-examiner reliability of TMD examination. Results of the intraexaminer manuak analysis – general data. As the measurements using method 3, i.

Angle 2 Method 1 Group 1 Mean Manuzl analysis of the ICC values for each method in all the situations is shown in Table 3where they were classified as presenting excellent reliability. The second measurement was flexion of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the second finger, where the steps for alignment of the goniometer are: Angle 3 Method 1 Group 1 Mean Authors report that the measurement of range of motion is the determinant parameter used in the evaluation and in the physiotherapy follow-up of patients with hand disability.