Essay on the Inequality of Human Races: Arthur de Gobineau: (–55; Essay on the Inequality of Human Races), that was by far his most influential work. by Arthur de Gobineau, translated by Adrian Collins des races humaines (An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races) (–) by. Such a true prophet was Count Arthur de Gobineau. .. THE INEQUALITY OF HUMAN RACES pondered these two truths, we shall find no further help, I repeat, .

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If there were no other modifying influence at work, then — at the end of a number of years, which would vary according to the number of peoples inequaljty composed the original stock — we should be confronted with a new race, less powerful certainly than the better of its two ancestors, but still of considerable strength.

Many examples might be brought forward in proof of this.

On the contrary I quite agree with the ordinary view, that it is a lamentable thing to see a society being gradually undermined by these fell diseases, and that no amount of care and trouble would be wasted if a remedy could only be found. Leaving these tribes, that are incapable of civilization, on one side, we come, in our journey upwards, to those which understand that if they wish to increase their power and pros- perity, they are absolutely compelled, either by war or peaceful measures, to draw their neighbours within their sphere of influence.

It includes every- thing, and so may well have many faults, and more than one shameful dereliction of duty, to confess. A country of which the fertility and natural resources used to enrich generation after generation of planters will become a desert ; and the wild goat will roam alone over the fruitful plains, the magnificent valleys, the sublime mountains, of the Queen of the Antilles. In a letter to Count Anton von Prokesch-Osten in he describes the book as based upon “a hatred for democracy and its weapon, the Revolution, which I satisfied by showing, in a variety of ways, where revolution and democracy come from and where they are going.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. InGobineau served as French emissary to AthensGreeceand inhe moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazilto carry the same position. Even so, I rather think that if the missionaries had nothing but King and Parliament to work with, they might struggle for a time with the stupidity of their scholars, but would be forced in the end to take themselves a large and prominent part in the management of affairs.

An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races – Wikipedia

That I should even venture to touch on it will seem a kind of arthut to many of my readers. The occasional bows which Gobineau makes ths the Church cannot, I repeat, mislead any serious critics of his work, especially if they likewise consult his humna books, about which, by the way, I have spoken at greater length elsewhere.


When Charles I, by the evil counsels of the Earl of Strafford, wished to force absolute monarchy on the English, the King and his minister were walking on the blood-stained morass of political theory. If nations invariably died of their inqeuality, not one would survive the first years of its growth; for it is precisely in those years that they show the worst ad1fuhTstfat1ori, the worst laws, and the greatest d1sorder. Page 33 – I can say positively that a people will never die, if it remains eternally composed of the same national elements.

Pamela rated it really liked it Aug 22, Even when the Roman Government had definitely gone over to Christianity, what a task it was to bring the different peoples into the bosom of the Church! Has the attempt ever succeeded?

When he was seven, his mother left her husband and fled with her lover and children to Switzerlandwhere young Gobineau attended the inequa,ity gymnasium in Bienne. The European population of the Sandwich Islands is, however, swollen every day by new arrivals. The book has legendary status.

I am not asking whether the judgments are true or not. His study, La Renaissancewas also admired in his day. The latter kind of scepticism brings him into relationship with Nietzsche, who has even accentuated Count Gobineau’s sus- picions and who has branded our morality as Slave-Morality, and consequently as harmful to good government.

Thus men of strong character, men of talent and energy, so far from being unknown to human societies in the time of their decadence and old age, are actually to be found in greater abundance than in the days when an empire is young. In another quarter of the world, the Germanic peoples, so long misunderstood, appear to us now as great and majestic as they were thought barbarous by the writers of the Later Empire. An analytic method of marvellous delicacy has arthut a Rome, un- known to Livy, rise before us under the hands of Niebuhr, and has unravelled for us the truths that lay hid among the legendary tales of early Greece.

Books by Joseph-Arthur de Gobineau. The senators and decurions still found their chief delight in the literature of the sceptics humam but as they actually lived at court, that is to say among soldiers, they were forced to adopt a way of speaking and an official set of opinions which should not put them to any risk.

The Inequality of the Human Races: Arthur de Gobineau: : Books

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When they are cruel, they are conscious of their cruelty; it is very doubtful whether such a consciousness exists in the negro. The older the Roman world became, the greater was the part played by the army.

It destroyed them only after a long struggle ; for as late as the seventeenth century shipwrecked sailors were massacred and wrecks plundered in all the parishes on the sea- board where the Cymric blood had kept its purity.


Henceforth, as the nation grows, whether ths war or treaty, its racial character changes more and more. The native race is gradually tending to mix with the invaders and disappear.

The Inequality of Human Races

This is now condemned to disappear, owing to the fatal influence wielded by laws and institutions that have no relation to the mind of the negro, his interests, and his wants The examples of San Domingo and the Sandwich Islands are conclusive. His racial ideas were spawned in Persian society, he considered there was a natural barrier between the etn French aristocrat, novelist and man of letters who became famous for developing the racialist theory of the Aryan master race in his book “An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races” De Gobineau went to a French diplomatic school and became a diplomat in the USA, Norway, Brazil and Persia.

It will behave in such a way that, in the words of Scripture, it will be magnified in the sight of men. The book was written after the revolution when Gobineau began studying the works of Xavier Bichat and Johann Blumenbach. I deny absolutely that the ancient cults were ever given up in Rome or Athens, until the day when they were supplanted in the hearts of all men by the victorious religion of Christ.

We sometimes manage to take away their arms, and prevent them from doing harm ; but we do not change their nature. The savage tribes of America have, as a rule, democratic tendencies ; or and aristocracy are rarely seen among them, and then only in a very limited form.

I then spoke of a government, materially free, but spiritually bound by European theories ; which it tries to carry out, with fatal consequences for the un- happy population. Wherever the European rules, they drink brandy instead gobinrau eating each other.

Reading Gobineau’s pseudoscientific justification for a racial hierarchy that postures the “white race” as the dominant class is a challenging journey in itself.

We may justly reproach the philosophy of the early sacred writers with a lack of experience ; and so, we may say, they gohineau a mystery merely by enunciating a theological truth which, however certain, is itself another mystery. Their effects are to be seen only in the upper classes ; and though they assumed different forms in the ancient world, among the Greeks, the Persians, and the Romans, I doubt whether they were ever brought to a greater pitch of refinement than at the present day, in France, Germany, England, and Russia — especially in the last two.

These are separated from each other by a certain incompatibility, not of political theory, gkbineau of skin. In his footnotes he quotes his sources in English, German, Greek, and occasionally French. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.