Bryan Haycock, author and founder of the Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) method and Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition (HSN), began lifting weights in By Bryan Haycock, Editor-in-Chief. Discuss this article in the HST Forum. This is a workout that I designed after years of studying hypertrophy-specific research. Bryan Haycock’s interview with T-mag, informative, basic summary of HST. Part 1. Mr. Hypertrophy. An Interview with Bryan Haycock by Chris Shugart.

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You were absolutely right about the reps, I got it wrong so I adjusted my training schedule to reflect what you wrote. Bodybuilding is full of programs used btyan “enhanced” lifters, but most people don’t take drugs and can’t get good results.

Slowly, after publishing the article haucock the ThinkMuscle newsletter, people began to apply HST to their own training, and the mail started flooding in. This is good stuff! When is this exactly? Because of the repeated bout effect muscle hypertrophy will stop. It turns out it makes them stronger.

Hypertrophy Specific Training – The Best Hypertrophy Program?

This method was devised by Bulgaria’s National Weightlifting Team coach, Ivan Abadjiev, and it is considered one of the best ever conceived… read article. Finally, you perform only negatives where appropriate continue using five reps where not appropriate and then take nine days off for the strategic deconditioning period. How to strengthen your forearms and grip The most visible muscle group is most certainly the forearm: I complete the morning workout, feel great for the rest of the day and then can hit it hard again at night.

Hope you’re not doing any of them. Strategic deconditioning taking some time off re-sensitizes the muscle to weight loads that once were able to promote growth, but since have failed to do so. Reps Repetitions will decrease every two weeks in the following order: After performing a resistance exercise, the muscle tissues rapidly adapts to prevent further damage from the same movement.


What are the preferred exercises for Hypertrophy specific training? So all my reps are like say 1 second up and 3 seconds down, as in a fully controlled motion. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. In circuit fashion, I go through my whole workout in less than 40 minutes- this really keeps working out interesting. When to take deconditioning in Hypertrophy specific training program?

So never focus only on how tired you are to judge your training. Hypertrophy-Specific Training, or simply HST, is a method of training designed to quickly and effectively induce whole body muscle growth. If your main goal is to build muscle, stop training with your ego.

How to determine weights for each exercise in HST? Here’s where most so-called diet gurus go wrong. I made decent progress in the beginning but as time went by, I seldom saw changes in the mirror, at least not any I could get anyone else to notice.

It can likewise be doubled, performing the same workout morning and evening. The rest of the time you are simply balancing nitrogen retention without adding to it. HST, I believe, is that picture.

Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) – MUSQLE

Please could you tell me how you overcame the chronic fatigue syndrome? Strategic deconditioning is very helpful to prevent injuries. As I entered college and graduate school, I finally had access to real gaycock that was only just then beginning to take form.

You will reach max poundages for a given rep range on the last workout of each two week block.

This mechanism involves, but isn’t limited to: By the end of the two weeks I was doing lbs on the bench for sets of 15 and lb on the squat for sets of Light cardio min. But strength gain from resistance training is neuromuscular in nature.


I follow the program and do 2 week blocks using one rep scheme and gradually increase my reps upwards over the two weeks, aiming for a new PR towards the end of each two week block. As I mentioned before for each workout we need to add pounds from beginning to last. Higher rep sets that really burn benefit the tendons and muscle by both increasing resistance to injury i. Hypertrophy specific training has been introduced by Bryan Haycock in Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Here are the symptoms of low testosterone and everything you need to know to fix it.

When hqycock that we know about how muscle cells grow is laid out on the table, hts picture begins to emerge. Some questions I have, which you maybe could help me with: It also treats erectile dysfunction. Some people call this recovery.

So, the primary stimulus for muscle-fiber growth is the physical effects of loading the muscle lifting and lowering a weightnot the “effort” required to lift or lower it. Or is hdt just calories in, calories out? HST is a training method designed for quick and effective results in muscle-building all over the body.

To better bryab the principle of mechanical load, keep in mind that fatigue or haycodk isn’t inseparably linked to the effect of load on muscle growth. According to Bryan Haycock it is wrong to say “we don’t know how muscles grow in response to training”.