Can you put your jsp code fragment here? It will help others to answer. Also, you can change caption text to see if caption text has some special. Display *: Tag Library (EL) Tag caption. Simple tag which mimics the html caption tag. Use it inside a table tag to display a caption. Example:

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String href The base URL used to construct the dynamic link. Only works if “title” is not defined.

You can also set the property value in the tag body. As soon as I use display: The level indicates that if a lower level no longer matches, then the matching for this higher level should start over as well. Better using “padding” css attribute in style or class String cellspacing html pass through attribute String class html pass through attribute String decorator Fully qualified class name for a TableDecorator.

If sortName is ommitted caprion value for the sort param will default to the column number. By default, null values don’t appear in the list. The default order for the sorted column. Use it inside a table tag to display a caption.

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If paramName is not provided, then the current object being iterated on is assumed to be the target displajtag. The variable will ONLY be available within the footer tag and after the end of the table, it is not available with the body of the table or columns. Be careful on using this attribute for String which can contain html tags or entities, or together with the autolink attribute turned on: You may need to use the value attribute instead of a scriptlet in the tag body if you need djsplaytag calculate totals on numeric values.


The name of the request parameter that will be dynamically added to the generated href URL. An empty href value will generate a link to the current page, preserving displytag just like for paging links. String htmlId html “id” pass through attribute String id See “uid”.

String sortProperty name of the property in the caotion specified in the parent table tag via the “name” attribute which will be used to sort values in the column.

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Sign up using Facebook. Use a TableDecorator to provide custom operations against the whole list, such as computing totals. Attributes Name Description Cpation cellpadding html pass through attribute. String style html pass through attribute String summary html pass through attribute String uid Unique id used to identify this table.

This can be used when the column body is filled or a decorator is used and column should sort on undeorated values. A table decorator name can be the name of an object in page, request, session or application scope or a fully qualified class name of a class implementing the org.

It will help others to answer. String decorator Whitespace separated list of column decorators to apply to the current column.

Can you put your jsp code fragment here? Two tables in the same page can’t have the same uid paging and sorting will affect both. This attribute has the same functionality as the href attribute, but it pre-pends the contextPath. The JSP bean captino constrained to the bean scope specified by the paramScope property, if it is specified.

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Re: struts 2 display tag export problem

Tag Library EL The display tag library is displayttag open source suite of custom tags that provide high level web presentation patterns which will work in a MVC model, and provide a significant amount of functionality while still being simple and straight-forward to use. Unique id used to identify this table. Column values need to Numbers. String id html pass through attribute. See the export page in the example webapp for more details.

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Using “Name” is suggested. The default sort order for this column. String title title of the column text for the th cell String titleKey Resource key used to lookup the title value.

This tag is not recognized. String media Use this attribute to keep a caption from being output during an export. The totals variable, if designated, will be in pageContext in this tag. Valid values are “ascending” default or “descending” String escapeXml Set it to true to escape special characters in html and xml output.

If a decorator is specified for the entire table, then this decorator will decorate that decorator. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Valid values are “ascending” default or “descending” String defaultsort The index of the column that will be used by default for sorting starting from 1 int excludedParams Whitespace separated list containg the name of parameters which should NOT be forwarded during paging or sorting.

If true, will total the contents of this column.