I was just wondering if you could share some of your patches you use with the community I will post here some preset for the Gu tomorrow. cheers and i hope what evers posted is helpful, and ill have my settings up in a few days. heres a wee template to make it easier for you so you. Hey everyone, so I’ve had a Zoom Gu for a number of years now, but others with a list that they could put their own preset settings into.

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It’s my understanding all g21j G2U pedals have the same algorithms and software, just different artist patches stored in the read-only presets. With its amazing speed of 0. Together they offer 54 types of effects. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Delay time and modulation rate settings can be made directly via the intuitive TAP key input. I also have presset George Lynch model of the G2. In all, over the whole range of modules, there are 83 effects. I think most of the effects are pretty decent, most of the amp models are pretty limited to the most common tones you think about with those amps.

Page 21 When higher gain is required, this amplifier is often combined with graphic EQ, and three Rhythm1, Rhythm2 and Lead separate channels. The thing is, when it comes to multi-effects units that have this small of a footprint, this is the only game in town besides the Digitech RP series and the Korg AX series, both of which aren’t supposed to sound as good. Regarding Google searching, that’s what led me to this group since reviewing 15 pages of Google results yielded zilch in terms of patch sharing.


My primary reason for getting the device was to be able to play with headphones, do some recording, and to have a few effects for playing thought the no-frills tube amp which I love by the way.

Zoom Gu FX Patch Thread – Ultimate Guitar

Repeatedly pressing one foot switch cycles prdset patches in the order A0 — A Personally, I highly recommend looking at used Boss GT series.

Manual is also set up VERY nice!! Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. You need a transaltor for what the 2 character readout means.

Anyone using the Zoom G2? | The Gear Page

The names are used only to illustrate sonic characteristics and do not indicate any affiliation with the Zoom Corporation. Preset patches ready to use for recording or live performance The unit comes preprogrammed with a total of 40 preset effects patches.

Because playback from the DAW application can be monitored at the G2.

The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Buy this FX unit now!

The Harmonized Pitch Shifter lets you play along in key. It has a very convincing wah-wah sound, and the “heavy distortion” sounds sound just like more expensive amp simulating units, like a POD. The amp models are way more realistic. A great pedal for a budgeted bedroom guitar player!

Jun 4, The patches, offering a wide range of amp and effect tones to suit many styles, are arranged in categories, the largest of The G which is the ‘artist’ category with each patch offering a sound from a named player, most related to a specific song.

Anyone using the Zoom G2?

It works well enough for what I need it for – very well actually – but can’t say yet whether I’d recommend it for hard use. The sound you created at practice or in the studio can now be brought straight to the stage. Elsewhere, Steve Vai gets his hand in with 20 of his own creations, including eettings ethereal floaty concoctions. There are certainly plenty of different shades of dirt on tap here, from the crunchy, to the sort of harmonically rich tones that just want to keep on sustaining.


Still messing settinfs getting patch levels right. For me, the one major complaint about it is the user interface. A guy I gig with has one. Dude, chill out I’m not a parent As I’ve said in other posts – it’s a pedal I am considering because I really like the tones you can get from it.

Take it on the road or into the studio, the G Series will not let you down. Recording to my PC with the device so far has been very easy, just plug seytings in, hit record and go.

With the right settings on the Amplug at least the AC versionthe Amplug runs pretty clean, so at the Amplug’s headphone output you hear essentially the same as you’d hear if you plugged your headphones directly into the G2. I find the signal boost quite useful and flexible.