GIMP comes with standard filters that supports creating gradients; look under Filters+Light After you’re done with your image, you can export it in PNG format. One of the most common uses for GIMP, is to prepare images for web sites. To export an image with transparent areas that do not have a soft transition. Most of the file formats that GIMP can open, can also be used for saving. Exporting an image does not modify the image itself, so you do not lose anything by.

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Reducing the File Size Even More. The GIF file format does not support some basic image properties such as print resolution. Please note, that this should not be necessary for InternetExplorer 7 and above. Most of the file formats that GIMP can open, can also be used for saving.

It is a very widely used format, because it compresses images very efficiently, while minimizing the loss of image quality. A PackBits data stream consists of packets of one byte of header followed by data. JPEG files usually have an extension. If you enable this option, the optimization of entropy encoding parameters will be used.

Not all file types are equally good for all purposes. This does not alter the image: Save creation time Date the file was saved.


JPEG files from many digital cameras contain extra information, gump EXIF data, which specifies camera settings and other information concerning the circumstances under which the image was created.

Progressive image display is useful with slow connection speeds, because you can stop an image that is of no interest; interlace is of less use today with our faster connection speeds. You can remove the alpha channel by flattening the image. If you click on this button, your settings will be saved and can be used by other savings by clicking on the Load defaults. Compression level Compression level: Note You can eksprt your image in the PNG format with the default settings.

Warning The GIF file format does not support some basic image properties such as print resolution. When you are finished working with an image, you will want to save the results.

The JPEG algorithm is quite complex, and involves a bewildering number of options, whose meaning is beyond the scope of this documentation. Click “Export” to view additional exporting options. Checking interlace allows an image on a web page to be progressively displayed as it is downloaded. One frame per layer replace: Save the image resolution, in dpi dot per inch.

GIMP: Saver and Save/export clean plug-ins

No other format comes close to achieving the same level of compression. Three methods are available:. Simple binary transparency is supported in the GIF format; one color from the indexed color palette is marked as the transparent color.


Click the eksporrt menu on your image’s window and then select dk. Save defaults Save defaults: Note When you close an image possibly by quitting GIMPyou are warned if the image is “dirty”; that is, if it has been changed without subsequently being saved an asterisk is in front of the image name.

When this option is checked, the image is progressively displayed on a Web page. Frame disposal when unspecified Frame disposal when unspecified: Saving Images with Transparency. Click to save the current settings. The EXIF data is not altered in any way when you do this which means that some of its fields are no longer valid.

Chapter 6. Getting images out of GIMP

If this has not been set before, you can set how frames will be superimposed. An optimal image for the web depends upon the image type and the file format. GIMP allows you to export the images you create in a wide variety of formats.